SelfBuild & Improve Your Home Show 2016

We will exhibit at the SelfBuild & Improve Your Home Show 2016 in the Green Glens Arena in Millstreet Co Cork from the 12th until the 13th of November. Our stand number will be P5.

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To say we are happy with it is an understatement, it has performed really well!

“We installed a kachelofen into our old cottage extension/new build by Bauer and have had it running for many years now. We are extremely happy with it, as it is our only form of heating in the house and one fire a day keeps us warm for the entire day. It is efficient, warm and retains its heat all day. With our design it is also a design feature in the house. We thoroughly recommend the kachelofens.”

Karen and William H., Rosscarbery

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Ireland and Austria: two small countries with great history

Wolfgang Bauer supports the Irish since 2004 “spending their days in a realized dream of bodily comfort” (Mark Twain about the kachelofen after he enjoyed the healthy and cosy heat of the Austrian kachelofen around 1890). After twelve years he opened an Irish branch in Carlow just this March to be even closer to his clients. “The fruitful symbiosis of two great small countries started early. For example in the 8th century when Feirgil from Ireland came to Austria and became Abbot of St. Peter’s at Salzburg” says Wolfgang Bauer who was born and raised in Salzburg and lived for many years only 400m away from St. Peter. “The spiritual power you feel in the monastery and the catacombs where the early Christians hide from the Romans long before the monastery was built is impressive until today” states Wolfgang.

The 8th century is also the period in history when scientists found proof for the first kachelofen in central Europe, a technology of which the roots go actually back to about 5.000 B.C. Wolfgang adds “maybe Virgil, as we call him, was the first Irish to enjoy the healthy and mild radiant heat of a traditional Austrian kachelofen.”

Get a healthy piece of traditional Austrian craftsmanship in your Irish home now. But the sustainable, affordable and reliable kachelofen is capable of more: with it’s beautiful designs it pleases the eye and by using logs only it makes you independent from fossil fuel and electricity. The Austrian kachelofen: the natural way of heating!

Interested? Simply contact us via e-mail or visit us at the RDS in April:

6th and 7th of April at the Energy Show stand B2
15th to the 17th of April at the Ideal Home Show stand R29

Please follow us also on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

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Relaunch of BAUER Heating Website

During March and April 2016 we will work on the design and content of our website. Please don’t be surprised if the design changes or if content gets more or less during this period.

We also work on our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts. There is also a Youtube playlist we are also working on.

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Lá Fhéile Pádraig 2016

The BAUER Heating Team wishes all our Irish customer a happy St. Patrick’s Day and not to bad head aches tomorrow!

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Ideal Home Show 2016

We will exhibit at the Ideal Home Sow 2016 in the RDS in Dublin from the 15th until the 17th of April. Our stand number will be R29.

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Energy Show 2016

We will exhibit at the Energy Sow 2016 in the RDS in Dublin on the 6th and 7th of April. Our stand number will be B2.

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The whole day is a realized dream of bodily comfort.

“Take the German stove [ = the Austrian Kachelofen, W.B.], for instance – where can you find it outside of German countries? I am sure I have never seen it where German was not the language of the region. Yet it is by long odds the best stove and the most convenient and economical that has yet been invented.

To the uninstructed stranger it promises nothing; but he will soon find that it is a masterly performer, for all that. It has a little bit of a door which you couldn’t get your head in – a door which seems foolishly out of proportion to the rest of the edifice; yet the door is

right, for it is not necessary that bulky fuel shall enter it. Small-sized fuel is used, and marvelously little of that. The door opens into a tiny cavern which would not hold more fuel than a baby could fetch in its arms. The process of firing is quick and simple. At half past seven on a cold morning the servant brings a small basketful of slender pine sticks – say a modified armful – and puts half of these in, lights them with a match, and closes the door. They burn out in ten or twelve minutes. He then puts in the rest and locks the door, and carries off the key. The work is done. He will not come again until next morning.

All day long and until past midnight all parts of the room will be delightfully warm and

comfortable, and there will be no headaches and no sense of closeness or oppression. In an American room, whether heated by steam, hot water, or open fires, the neighborhood of the register or the fireplace is warmest – the heat is not equally diffused throughout the room; but in a German room one is comfortable in one part of it as in another. Nothing is gained or lost by being near the stove. Its surface is not hot; you can put your hand on it anywhere and not get burnt.

Consider these things. One firing is enough for the day; the cost is next to nothing; the heat produced is the same all day, instead of too hot and too cold by turns; one may absorb himself in his business in peace; he does not need to feel any anxieties of solicitudes about the fire; his whole day is a realized dream of bodily comfort.

America could adopt this stove, but does America do it? The American wood stove, of whatsoever breed, it is a terror. There can be no tranquility of mind where it is. It requires more attention than a baby. It has to be fed every little while, it has to be watched all the time; and for all reward you are roasted half your time and frozen the other half. It warms no part of the room but its own part; it breeds headaches and suffocation, and makes one’s skin feel dry and feverish; and when your wood bill comes in you think you have been supporting a volcano.

We have in America many and many a breed of coal stoves, also – fiendish things, everyone of them. The base burners are heady and require but little attention; but none of them, of whatsoever kind, distributes its heat uniformly through the room, or keeps it at an unvarying temperature, or fails to take the life out of the atmosphere and leave it stuffy and smothery and stupefying….”

Twain, Mark (1891-1892). Some National Stupidities. In: Europe and Elsewhere (1923). New York: Harper & Brothers.

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Clean Combustion – Clean Environment: taking out the ashes only once per year

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One Fire Per Day – Warm All Day Long

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