…Ireland, the kachelofen and Wolfgang Bauer

In 2004 Wolfgang Bauer made one of the most important decision in his life. A decision which should change the lives of many more people in the following years. Until then he owned an agency specialised in the field of online marketing since January 1999. One of the clients from October 2000 on was a major kachelofen-company based in Salzburg. Offered the opportunity he switched roles and became a kachelofen wholesale trader and retailer in Ireland.

Since then not only local sales agents and installers got to love the kachelofen, also many customers in Ireland became part of the huge kachelofen family. “The best decision I ever made” is not only what Wolfgang Bauer says about bringing the kachelofen to Ireland, it is also what most customer say about improving their home and well being with a kachelofen.

Based in Salzburg/Austria before in March 2016, more than 10 years after coming to Ireland for the first time, an Irish branch was founded: BAUER Heating LTD. “This amazing product in this beautiful country is my future” says Wolfgang Bauer.