Standard Kachelofen

standard kachelofen bright slate finish“To the uninstructed stranger it promises nothing; but he will soon find that it is a masterly performer, for all that.” says Mark Twain 1892 in “Some National Stupidities”. He continues “Yet it is by long odds the best stove and most convinient and economical that has yet been invented.”

It truly does sound unbelievable:

  • only one fire per day
  • the fire burns for only one hour
  • uses just seasoned logs, the most ecological fuel
  • only little amounts of fuel per fire
  • it stays warm all day long
  • taking out the ashes normally only once per year
  • emits healthy radiant heat
  • no electricity or moving parts involved

There are three designs available:

  • white stucco finish (can be painted after installation with emulsion paint)
  • natural slate bright
  • natural slate dark

And a few add-ons if needed or wanted:

  • 30cm more height
  • sub floor preparation (if needed)
  • connection to an existing chimney

It is a full-fledged but standardized kachelofen and therefore prices start at only 2.999 Euro (natural slate design, self-installation, incl. 23% VAT, excl. transport).

The dimensions are approximately 60cm wide by 60cm deep by 150cm high and the weight is about 800kg. Material is delivered on 3 euro-pallets.

Additional options are (all prices incl. VAT):

  • Installation of kachelofen by a trained and qualified sub-contractor 1.500 Euro
  • white stucco finish (plaster) 240 Euro (installed) or 151 Euro (material only)
  • additional 30cm height 240 Euro (installed) or 202 Euro (material only)
  • external air supply (needs also “additional 30cm height” package = minimum height needed 180cm) 480 Euro
  • delivery within ROI 250 Euro

We like to offer an all-inclusive-service (turn key) and therefore you can also add the following two options, labour cost is based on an hourly rate of 53 Euro incl. VAT.

Sub-Floor-Preparation: the kachelofen needs to be built on a stable floor, ideally the sub-floor (or reinforced screed or screed with a thickness of at least 40mm). If you are not sure our sub-contractor will check the situation and tell you if a sub-floor-preparation is necessary. If it is so our sub-contractor will work on an hourly basis plus the material expenses to prepare everything for the installation. Often it is not necessary at all, if it is the typical range would be between 200 and 400 Euro.

Chimney connection: eventually the kachelofen needs to be connected to a chimney (just like any common stove). We can offer the material as well as the labour to do so. With a high quality single walled steel flue (Ferro Lux/JEREMIAS) the typical price range including labour and material is between 300 and 500 Euro (labour is paid on an hourly basis).

We would like to inform our valued customer that we have changed our doors and some technical and design details. Therefore also the prices have changed. Only a few of the old dors are available, once they are gone the new prices start at 3.700 Euro (different door, new standard height is 180cm, external air supply NEW is only 300 Euro).