BHKO_slate_dark_rgb72dpi400x800pxIf a kachelofen is used the way it is meant to be used with the fuel it should be used with it can work even 30 years or more without maintenance. We know of such examples but can not recommend it. An annual cleaning of the chimney, and for the kachelofen an annual checkup, a service at least every 3 to 5 years and some servicing including cleaning at least every 5 to 10 years does make sense. New legal requirements and EU-regulations indicate at least an inspection of the appliance on a regular basis and an annual cleaning of the chimney.

Peace of mind is another reason. Highest possible efficiency and output are two more good reasons.

Basically we have three different packages to ensure the best performance possible of your kachelofen over many decades. Two of them come in three different package sizes based on the heating surface of the kachelofen: “small” is 4 to 8m², “medium” is 8 to 12m² and everything above is “large”.

Service Package I: Compulsatory Yearly Inspection (every year)
(“one fits all”, no sizes) for 72 Euro incl. 13,5% Irish VAT per year

This package shall give you “piece of mind”. For a yearly fee we contact you when one of our installers or representatives is close to have a look at the kachelofen including the combustion chamber and test the general functionality of the door. Strictly no maintenance work or cleaning is included in that package. If necessary other packages will be indicated and the 72 Euro will be credited to them. That package is a long term contract over 5 years, the yearly fee has to be paid for the 5 years in advance.

Service Package II: Technical and Aesthetic Service and Report (every 3 to 5 years)
small: 284 Euro, medium: 340 Euro, large: 424 Euro incl. 13,5% Irish VAT

This package includes a door service where all gaskets/seals, springs and the lock will be checked and renewed if necessary. Also the combustion chamber and draw system will be checked through the door.

Service Package III: Recommended Technical Service and Cleaning (every 5 to 10 years)
small: 568 Euro, medium: 681 Euro, large: 840 Euro incl. 13,5% Irish VAT

Additionally to the activities of the “Technical and Aesthetic Service and Report” all cleaning openings are opened and the whole core is inspected and cleaned from fly ash, tar, creosote and soot. In case of unusual soiling caused by the improper use of wet wood, turf, coal, plastics etc. as fuel or wrong usage as such (for example closing the air supply to soon on a regular basis) our technicians will be able to identify that. In such a case cleaning will have to be paid extra on an hourly rate of 53 Euro incl. VAT.

Additional options
Cleaning of chimney and painting the kachelofen with original white mineral based colour are priced on an hourly basis of 53 Euro incl. 13,5% Irish VAT if the work is done as part of the service package II or III (otherwise we have to charge an additional call out fee of 200 Euro).